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On Page Optimization (on site optimization)

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On Page Optimization (on site optimization)
On page optimization means work on site .we can say if anyone working on its own site known as on page SEO .Google never like javaScript , flash and frames.So we always want to avoid these technologies and use alternative for making a SEO friendly, search engines friendly and user friendly site .We use attractive design for site so that user will come again at our site and when user come there will be no problem to search anything in our site .We are living in a very competitive age so there are many other good sites in market. First of all we keep in mind our users then search engine when making a site.
These are part of on page SEO
1. Keywords Research and analysis
2. Get some good KEI(keyword efficiency index) keywords
3. Meta tag Optimization
. Content Optimization
    a. keyword density
    b. keyword prominence
    c. keyword proximity
    d. LSI
5.Competitors’ analysis
6. Image Optimzation
7. URL rewritting
8. Internal Linking
9. Search Engine and user Friendly Site Navigation
10. Html code validation
11. Roots.txt
12. Sitemaps Creation
  a. Google Sitemap(XML sitemap)
  b. HTML Sitemap
  c. ROR Sitemap
13. Free from black hat SEO


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