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Competitors' analysis (SEO on page)

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5. Competitors' analysis (SEO on page)
SEO is very competitive field .So besides using your own mind and tactics, we also watch the strategies and activities of our competitors to beat them  a easily .This  is a very crucial step in on page SEO .Competitors’’ analysis give us many ideas about a site.You should think of it as free of cost marketing insight as to how your SEO campaign could perform. But many big companies have invested thousands of dollars in their SEO — and especially in competitors’ analysis, you can see what is working and what are your competitors doing on their sites. 
Basically competitiors’ analysis mainly  2 types ( on page and off page analysis) but for more deeply analysis we can categoris it in four pats
1. Identifying broad and niche competitors to analyze
2. Onsite competitive analysis (keywords, content and technical analysis)
3. Offsite competitive analysis (backlinks, link building strategy)
4. Competitor surveillance (keeping tabs on their SEO strategy)
Here  some competitors’ analysis tools are given--
It is very important that which tool we are using for analysis.Many free competitive analysis tools are out there, but you have to know where to look for them.
URL Checker, Product Page Checker — to check saturation (# of pages indexed)
PageRank Lookup, PageRank Search, Webmaster Eyes, SEO-Links — to run bulk checks of PageRank scores, to analyze PageRank flow
Link Checker, Yahoo Site Explorer — to check link popularity and review inbound links
Google adwords keyword tool - for keywords and their combinations in a site
Backlinkwatch - for checking back links of a site
“link:site’s home page url without http” - in google for checking back links but it show only fa few no. of back link
SEOQuacke --- for link checking and for many other analysis
Web site auditor - it is also use for back links analysis


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