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Developing a web site for the internet is a tem used for the work of web development. It includes web design, web content development , client-side / server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration and e-commerce development. Web development ranges between developing the simple static single page of plain text to the most dynamic web based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

The most important area of web development is to know how successfully your websites are performing , but for a web developer , you need to know the worth or results of your designs in order to do better, which in turn can impact your client base.

To know if your web development are making an impact upto your expectation analytics will reveal :

•           Visitor hits website
•           Geography of the hits
•           Search engine which was used to plant the visitor on your website
•           Total unique hits
•           Keyword hits
•           Total time visitor visited the website
•           Navigation of visitor on the website
•           Point the visitor scrolled to where they stopped
•           Things the clicked by visitor while on the website
•           Where the visitor spent the most of thye time
•           Time taken to load your website
•           Broken links shown .


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